Why The Pershing Group?

We are the leaders in providing insurance solutions for the self storage industry.  We provide the most comprehensive coverages for the lowest premium every time!  We make life long relationships with all those that we work with by providing high-quality service and adding value to everything that we do.

We work with the owners and managers of self storage facilities.  We focus 100% of our attention on your industry.  We are in touch with the industry everyday and we are able to advise you on any new trends that may develop in the industry including coverage enhancements, new markets, legal issues, and may other industry specific issues.

We work on behalf of our clients as an independent insurance broker.  As a broker, we are free to align you with any insurance carrier we wish.  By not representing any particular insurance carrier, we are able to help you obtain the best coverage, at the best price, by obtaining several quotes from several carriers for you.  We only work with ‘A’ rated (or better) insurance carriers.