What Others are Saying

Quality coverage at the best price

Jim | Secure RV Storage

Better coverage for less!

Rachel | El Cajon Mini Storage

Your rates were very good!

Alba | Stor-Rite

Better coverage amounts for less money!

Mark | Nor Cal Storage

The service I received was excellent

Sonny | Stor-N-Lock

The best pricing!

Justin | Monument Court Mini Storage

You saved me money!

David | Cedar Storage

Best price and best coverage

Ted | Safe & Secure Self Storage

I trusted their experience in the storage industry

Patty | Jerry’s Self Storage

Better price! Better coverage!

Kimberlee | Atlas Storage

Price and quality of coverage

Dan | Huntington Park Self Storage

Insurance premium was less than prior coverage

Donna | Westwood Mini Storage

Lowest premiums!

Terry | Antelope Self Storage

I was referred to Tom and I have referred others to him. I would not work with anyone else.

Becky J.

Tom improved our cash flow. Will I use him again in the future? Definitely YES.

S. Thacker

Knowing that he is in control gives me a sense of security. I have complete trust in him.

G. Hansen

His word is good! I trust him. He set up everything and it all went through like clockwork.

L. Ford

It was a pleasure to have met and worked with Tom. I would rate him a 10!

Barbara C.

Over the years, I have met many financial people and Tom stands tall above them all because of his integrity and truly caring. I am grateful to know him.

Mike S.

I always receive world-class service from Tom. I could hang out all day with him!

Brandon B.

From day one, we received the best service we could have. Tom showed he cared. Without a doubt I would not work with anyone else. Tom is awesome!

B. Jones

I evaluated many companies but choose to work with Tom. Tom provided the personal attention I wanted and took the time to go over many scenarios to find the one that most benefited me. I will continue to recommend Tom to my family members, friends, and colleagues.

David A.

I always do repeat business with Tom because of the excellent work he does for me. He always has my best interest at heart. I appreciate him very much.

Jane R.

Anytime I know of anyone in the market for Tom’s services, I encourage them to see him.

J. Robbins

Because Tom was so thorough there were no surprises. We knew exactly what to expect.

Lorin H.

Tom was in touch with me on a regular basis. I never wondered what was going on. He did all that he could to get things moving. I feel like I am his #1 priority.

Sharon M.

His patience and not pushy attitude is the best.

Shirley S.

I feel that Tom is a friend as well as our expert.

Jim J.

I would not change anything about the experience I have in working with Tom.

Mike S.

I can not think of anything that could improve our contact and communication.

Gloria H.

Tom treated us with respect and kindness and was very helpful.

Jim R.

I‘ve enjoyed working with Tom and will not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends.

L. Hope

Tom’s outline of the process including the timeline, our options, and a cost breakdown was impressive and very helpful.

Lynn H.

Tom was honest and upfront. I can not think of anything that would have been any better during my business transaction with Tom.

Neil F.

I was worried about getting my claim money on a specific date and he worked hard to make that happen.

D. Christensen

He was very patient with me. I needed time to digest the information. He was timely in answering my questions but was not pushy.

Joseph H.

Tom was well prepared and knowledgeable about the products. I trusted his judgment.

Kathy L.